Scope Choices

While most hunters want a telescopic rifle scope, there are also other options on the market today. Before shopping for a scope, it's important to know your options and to understand the various products on the market and the features that they offer.

Diopter Scopes

These aren't the best if you're going to go hunting or if you're planning to be in a combat situation. They are, however, great for target practice and target shooting. They operate on a pin hole principle. This means that you have a very narrow field of view. This makes it perfect for shooting targets on a range - but not for actually shooting on the field.

Reflex Scopes

There are two types of reflex scopes - red dot and laser. These are best used for short range shooting. They are great for hunting small rats or other pests in a barn, for low light and short range situations and for paintball or other games. These items don't give you extra magnification - they just aid in sight.

1. Laser Scopes

Laser sites are more fun in theory than they are in practice. They are great to use if the object that you are shooting at won't notice the laser. If the object does, however, notice, then lasers certainly aren't very practical. These items are great for paintball and other fun activities where you want to get a tag on your target before taking the shot.

2. Red Dot Scopes

This is a much more practical type of scope than the laser scope. The red dot only appears inside the lens for you to see it. When you look through the lens, you'll see the dot, but the item you're targeting won't see it. Most of these scopes are red dot, but they can also be green dot or a dual option so that you can switch from red to green as you desire. These scopes help you to focus in on your target and to make sure that you are set before actually taking aim.

Telescopic Rifle Scopes

This is the main scope that's used for most situations. These scopes are perfect for air rifles, for rifle hunting and for target practice. They have a telescopic view and fit onto the top of the gun. They help you to see objects that are far away and to focus in on your target with more accuracy. They are also very helpful in low light situations and in difficult light such as at dawn or dusk. There are many rifle scopes from which to choose, including ones from such companies as Leupold, Weaver and more. They have many different features, depending on the type of shooting you will be doing.