Just Because The Name Isn't Known...

Funny isn't it? We tend to think that the only products worth looking at are the ones with the big, well-known names in front of them. Somehow, if it's a Nikon, Bushnell or Swarovski, then it's worth checking out. And, truth be told, it is. I mean, after all, these folks didn't get top billing for nothing. They have great products and have done their work to be sure their products are top of the line and that the public knows all about them. We all brag on our Redfield and Tasco sights and we're not shy to talk about their virtues and values. Rightly so.

Looking for Value

But you know, there are a lot of products out there that have made the Best Buy lists of such outstanding magazines as Outdoor Life - and unless you own one, you probably have never heard of them. That's okay. We're here to tell you about a few of them and invite you to check out our site regularly to learn more about the "not so big names" which offer excellent products at affordable prices.


Let's take, for example, Alpen. The Alpen Outdoor Corporation has made it their mission to supply top quality, affordable optics to enhance your outdoor activities. They feature the latest in ergonomic design, fine optical coatings and all of the technological advances you'll find in any of today's best optics. Exceptional service and lifetime product warranty are pushing Alpen into the light.


Then there's Barska Rifle Scopes who pride themselves on innovation and technology married with amazing design to bring really excellent products at very affordable prices. Fully coated and multi-coated optics, waterproof, fog proof and shockproof, these scopes are great for any weather conditions. Check them out - their tactical scope line is great and they are offering huge discounts on all of their Red Dot scopes as well as Authorized Dealer Prices on all of their products. You can't beat that!

Varmints Anyone?

Varmint scopes are long on performance and precision. They deliver with long-range accuracy and they're engineered with adjustable objective for parallax correction. A large objective lens, multi-coated optics and a choice of reticle types make for high-class shopping for the choosey buyer.

Great Value - Low Prices

And, these brands are not the only ones out there offering excellent products at reasonable prices. While it's great to have a high-priced scope, not everyone can afford it. You don't have to sacrifice quality for price. Check out the various scopes we'll be featuring on this site. There's an excellent chance you'll find exactly what you want and need for a fraction of the cost.