Choosing An Air Gun Scope

Air guns have actually been in use for centuries. They are known to have existed as early as the 15th century, when they were used as a newer technology over the primitive firearms of that time. Air guns are guns which fire their projectile by means of compressed air or other gas. They are used today for hunting, for leisure recreational shooting and for sport. While using an air gun, some people like the additional aid of an air gun scope. This allows for more accuracy and for greater enjoyment. It is very important, however, to know how to use an air gun scope and to understand the differences that they provide.

Air Gun Scopes

What makes an air gun scope different from a regular rifle scope is that it can withstand the vibration and double recoil that occurs with an air gun. For this reason, it is never recommended to simply put a regular rifle scope onto an air gun. Air gun scopes create more enjoyment for the shooter, as they allow the user to pinpoint the target with great accuracy, while still creating a safe shooting experience. The two main features that set the air gun scope apart from the rifle scope are its adjustable objective and optics that can handle the two way recoil of a spring air gun.

The Adjustable Objective

This is one of the main features that make air gun scopes different than rifle scopes. The adjustable objective enables the shooter to focus at any distance. Most firearm scopes are set for 100 yards or so to accommodate for the long distance shooting that is required with a hunting rifle or other firearm. Air gun scopes, however, need to be able to accommodate the air gun's shorter shooting distances. This feature allows the shooter to achieve the best accuracy with his air gun and his air gun scope.

Anchored Optics

An air gun has a different type of recoil than does a rifle. The recoil in an air gun is calculated by both the amount of recoil and the direction of the recoil. Mainsprings create a situation where the air gun recoils both backwards and forwards, while a regular rifle or other firearm will only recoil backwards. This two-direction recoil is the reason that air guns can't use regular scopes and that non-air gun rated scopes can get damaged if used with an air gun. Air gun scopes are unique because they have optics that are anchored to handle the two-way recoil that is created by the mainspring. When purchasing an air gun scope, it's important to notice the rating that it is given for recoil. Some air gun scopes will be rated to handle only light recoil air guns, while others specify that they work for medium and high recoil spring air guns.

Fixed and Variable Air Gun Scopes

In addition, there are two main types of air gun scopes. There are fixed air rifle scopes and variable air rifle scopes. A fixed air rifle scope is set at a particular magnification and can not be adjusted to a different one. The advantage with this type of scope is that once you've sighted your object, you don't need to make virtually any adjustments. The disadvantage, of course, is that you can't magnify an image any more than the set amount allows. These scopes are best for hunting small rodents or for other animals that can be hunted at close range. The variable air gun scope, in contrast, can usually be magnified between 3 and 15 times. These scopes are better for hunting large game at longer distances. The problem with this type of scope is that it requires more proficiency on the part of the user, and needs to be adjusted more often.

Before purchasing an air gun scope, make sure that you know exactly what you are looking for and understand how the air gun scope works. This will help you to make the right purchase and to be ready to enjoy your leisure time more.