Millett Industries - An Overview and an Acquisition

Millett Industries first opened its doors in 1980, when Thomas Millett founded the company. It was originally a pistol sights company that eventually expanded into scope mounting systems and even into optics.

More on Millett Industries

Millett Industries started as a simple company that offered pistol sights and scope-mounting systems in the American market. It expanded overtime to offer optics as well, and currently offers high-quality sighting solutions for sporting, tactical and law-enforcement situations. Today, the Millett product line includes everything from sights and scope-mounting hardware to riflescopes, red-dot scopes and spotting scopes for both hunting and tactical uses. The company has a wide range of products including the well known Buck Gold and Buck Silver Series which have long tube zoom lenses that enable hunters to have a great view of the target. They also offer scopes that are supported by mounts, rings and bases.

Millett Dies

Thomas Millett founded the company in 1980 and was the president of it when he died on September 17, 2005. He had a long battle with Myelodysplasia, a type of bone marrow disease. He was survived by his wife, Shari, his son, Elliot and his daughter, Cindy. His parents, Ray and Betty Millett are also still alive.

Millett Purchased

Just last year, in August of 2008, MidOcean Partners and Bushnell Outdoor Products announced that they were going to acquire Millett Industries in Huntington Beach, California. MidOcean Partners is a middle-market private equity fund and Bushnell Outdoor is a retail company that sells hunting equipment and more.

Bushnell Responds

This was the second acquisition for Bushnell Outdoor Products during 2008. Earlier in the summer they acquired the assets of Simmons Outdoor Corporation from Meade Instruments. With their acquisition of Millett they said that they felt that Millett's strength in the tactical and law-enforcement arenas would compliment their existing product lines and strengthen their company outreach and their product offerings.

MidOcean Partners Responds

MidOcean Partners was also very excited about the acquisition. They said that they hoped to continue to grow the Bushnell line with their acquisition of Millett as both companies have great reputations with their products and their customers.