The Zeiss Company

If you're looking for a rifle scope, or other outdoor leisure time equipment, you'll find an extensive line of products with Zeiss.  Zeiss has been in the business of creating optics products since 1846, when Carl Zeiss first created a workshop in Jena.  Since that time, the Zeiss Company has had one hundred and fifty years to perfect their craft and to bring the market optical products for a vast array of activities.  

Zeiss Historical Background

The Zeiss Company has a fascinating background that led to the company that they are today.  When Germany was divided as a result of World War II, the Zeiss company was forced to break off into two distinct companies.  They had one that functioned in West Germany and one in the East.  The two companies were only able to reunite in 1990, when East and West Germany were reunited.  Since that time, the Zeiss Company has been one unit, creating binoculars, rifle scopes, cameras, planetariums, medical solutions and more for an international market of consumers.

The Outdoor Optics Department

Among many other subdivisions, Zeiss has an outdoor optics department that caters to people who love using their leisure time outdoors.  They offer products for hunting and bird watching, and even provide outstanding equipment for the law enforcement community. They feature three main families of rifle scopes for hunting. Their rifle scopes provide state-of-the-art optics, large fields of view, a lightweight construction, sealants against dust and moisture and much more.  Similarly, their binoculars and cameras help bird watchers and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy their time outdoors more and to fulfill their goals more productively.

Law Enforcement Products

One unique clientele to whom they cater is the law enforcement community.  Zeiss produces such outstanding rifle scopes that they now feature rifle scopes made specifically for the needs of police.  This equipment offers top of the line rifle scopes that are lightweight, versatile, waterproof, dust proof, durable and more.  

The Zeiss Commitment

Zeiss is clearly a diverse company that offers something for every outdoor activity.  With one hundred and fifty years of experience behind them, Zeiss looks to the future of the optics market with experience and expertise.  They continue, everyday, to perfect their product lines and to bring customers the highest-quality, most durable outdoor optics products available on the market today.