The Many Faces of Weaver Scopes

When you need a scope to perform perfectly for your situation and your gun, check out Weaver for a large product selection to suit your needs.  They carry eight different series of scopes, each one catering to the specific needs of the hunter and the gun he owns.  With a Weaver scope, you know that you're getting exactly the type of scope that you need for your goals, at a price that you can afford.

Weaver Background

William Ralph Weaver started the W.R. Weaver Company in Newport, Kentucky in 1930.  His goal was to create outstanding scopes and other optical products at affordable prices, using entirely American parts.  After building his first scope by hand, he soon found himself moving to El Paso, Texas to create American made riflescopes.  By the 1960, he employed 600 workers and was well known for the quality of his scopes.

The Weaver Variety

Eventually, Weaver had to sell off his company and it has changed hands a number of times since then. Today, Weaver scopes are carried by Meade Instruments.  Meade is determined to carry on Weaver's goal of creating high quality, low priced scopes to meet the needs of the modern hunter and competitive shooter.  Here is a short description of each of their categories of riflescopes.

The Extreme Series

This series has a one piece, 30mm tube and dry nitrogen purging.  It includes a fast-focus eyepiece, side-focus parallax adjustments and a 4 inch eye relief.  Its construction guarantees years of great service under any conditions and protection from the environment.

The Grand Slam Series

The Grand Slam series includes scopes that are some of the best on the market today, without the high price tag.  These scopes come with a Micro-Trac 4 point adjustment system, fully multi-coated lenses, and a fast-focus eyepiece adjustment ring.  These scopes are particularly helpful in low-light situations.  It has a one-piece construction, and is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.

The Target/Varmint Series

These scopes are built for incredibly accuracy and focus.  The adjustable objective lens creates parallax-free shooting without having to move the scope away from the intended target.  You can either select a fine crosshair or dot reticle and each of these scopes comes with an extra pair of large bench rest adjustment knobs, a sunshade and a screw-in metal lens cap.

The V-Series Scopes

The V-Series Scopes have a variable power, allowing you to use them in many different situations.  When you turn it to low power, you'll find a huge field of view.  You can easily change the power with a raised sure-grip power adjustment ring, which allows you to easily alter the power quickly even with cumbersome gloves or cold hands.  It has a long eye relief, multi-coated lenses, and a one-piece construction.

The Weaver Classic Handgun Scopes

In addition to the riflescopes offered by Weaver, they also specialize in other scopes.  The handgun scopes are built to maintain their accuracy and reliability even with the recoil of a powerful handgun.  They come with anywhere from 4 inches to 12 inches of eye relief and have a one-piece tube construction and multi-coated lenses.

The Weaver Classic Shotgun Scopes

These scopes are made for shotgun lovers and work perfectly with the shotgun.  They include a one-piece construction that helps to keep the lenses in alignment, even with the heavy recoil of a shotgun.  They have a long eye relief and a multi-coated lens to reduce glare and increase brightness.

Fixed K-Series Scopes

These scopes are very reasonably priced and made to have fewer moving parts.  This allows them to remain durable for more seasons of use.  They include all of the main features of other scopes, with multi-coated lenses, a one-piece construction and waterproof, fogproof and shockproof features.  The best parts about this scope are its durability and its price tag.

Rimfire Scopes

These scopes are made to enhance .22s and airguns.  These scopes are specifically designed for use with smaller caliber guns.  At the same time, they have all of the main Weaver scope features including a one-piece construction, multi-coated lenses and waterproof and fogproof features.  They have a 28mm objective lens that creates excellent low-light brightness.
With all of these options, your only difficulty with be in deciding which type of Weaver scope to select!  Weaver offers a huge variety, allowing you to choose exactly the right scope for your hunting needs.