The Weaver Company History

Before you purchase any item, it's always a good idea to know more about the company from whom you are making the purchase.  This is all the more true for a large purchase, and for one that you will, undoubtedly, be using quite often.  The Weaver Scopes come from a company originally called the W.R. Weaver Co.  It was founded by William Ralph Weaver in a small shop in Newport, Kentucky in 1930.  Weaver built his first scope by hand and was soon offering a simple ¾ inch tube 3x model to his customers.  People loved this scope because it was small, light, and significantly less expensive than the scopes that were being brought over from Germany.

Background to the Weaver Company

Weaver had a dream to make high-quality, affordable riflescopes with parts made entirely in the United States.  Moving to El Paso, Texas in 1933, he started to work towards this goal.  By the 1960's, with 600 workers, Weaver was producing half of the scopes that were built in the United States!  Weaver's scopes aim at meeting the needs of hunters, competitive shooters and military personnel.  He was widely successful during World War II, producing 36,000 scopes that were used by snipers on their sniper rifles.  After the war, he introduced a number of new scope models for hunters and a number of scope mount styles.

Hitting Hard Times

After World War II, Weaver encountered a number of problems with his company due to labor issues and competition abroad.  He eventually sold the company in 1968, and died seven years later in 1975.  The company has since been bought and sold a number of times, and was recently purchased by Meade Instruments.  Meade is determined to carry on the work that the Weaver Company was doing, continuing to bring customers high quality scopes and other supplies at affordable prices.

Weaver Scopes Today

Today, you'll find high quality Weaver scopes of many varieties.  They have eight different series of scopes, each offering a slightly different type of scope for the modern hunter's needs.  Weaver has a fixed-power K-series, a variable-power V-series, a top-of-the-line Grand Slam series and separate series for handgun users, shotgun users and rim fire users.  For serious shooters and competitive shooters, they also have the T-series that includes a patented Mirco-Trac 4 point adjustment system.  They also carry other equipment for hunting and leisure activities including binoculars, spotting scopes and much more.

As a leading supplier of hunting scopes, Weaver is a name you can trust in the scopes market today.  With 75 years of experience, the Weaver company has had time to perfect its trade and create a winning product for today's market.  Enjoy your hunting time more with Weaver.