Warne's Scopemounts

Warne's Origins and Innovations

Founded in 1990 and later acquired by Charles Lake in 2000, Warne Scopemounts is located in Tualatin, Oregon. Warne Scopemounts provides high quality, affordable scope mounts, making them available to shooting sport enthusiasts worldwide. A truly American made product, Warne scope mounts are manufactured in the US, using American products and all of the latest technology and production equipment created in the U.S. This ensures precision and effective, high quality products for the consumer.

Warne prides themselves in innovation and their quick response to consumer and industry needs while, at the same time, focusing a good deal of attention on community and local involvement. A truly all-round, All-American company, Warne is also multifaceted, producing mounting systems which have been proven over again to be among the best available at very affordable prices.

The Right Fittings For You

Looking at some of the offerings available from Warne, it is possible to find the right fitting for your scope, integrating parts to ensure the best mount possible. The most versatile, quick-detachable mounting system around these days is the Maxima Quick Detach Rings system from Warne. The rings are machined from a special process called sintered steel technology. This process allows the very intricate parts to be forged and then fired without compromising the strength of the steel, yet incorporating the ductility and flexibility necessary for a scope mount to have perfect grip contact around the circumference of the scope.

Only From Warne...

The indexable lever system allows the user to remove and reattach the optics without any loss of zero - this is something unique to the Warne Maxima QD rings. This system also allows for the location of the lever to be indexed after the rings are affixed to the bases. Accuracy of within 1/1000th of an inch when removing and reattaching the optics is guaranteed on all Warne Maxima bases. The square stainless steel recoil control key, unique to the industry and found only in Warne Maxima QD rings, ensures the position of the rings will not shift or change under intense recoil and also protects against peening or swaging when it is mounted on aluminum bases.

It's Your Choice

And, did you know that you have a choice of Warne Maxima scope mount rings for integrated receiver mounting rails? Maxima Multi-Sight Systems are now available for a wide variety of firearms, including Smith & Wesson L.K.N & X frame revolvers, Ruger's Redhawk and Blackhawk hunting handguns and the Dan Wesson Large Frame 445 Supermag. The Warne unique Maxima Multi-sight System allows for flexible sighting and the user may choose between optics, iron sights, quick acquisition sights, and other sight systems without loss of zero. The versatility of this system allows the optical sights to be quickly removed, and for the use of the integrated or factory iron sights. A shooter has the availability of multiple sighting systems, multiple ammunition types and multiple sighted-in distances for each sighting system.

So, eliminate hunting firearm sight limitations by using the Maxima Multi-Sight System. Check them out for more details and more mounting options.