Pentax "Seeker" Scopes

Pentax - A Great Name in Optics

Pentax is a name which has always been associated with great optics - whether cameras, binoculars or riflescopes. They excel in producing world-class, high-quality optics and their standard is consistent, all the way along.

These days, you can find a Pentax rifle scope designed to meet any of the demanding outdoor conditions around. They are built to provide the very best in terms of accuracy, durability and optical performance, no matter what you're shooting - anything from big game to varmints, small game or targets. They have a full range of reticles to meet your needs and desires, including Mil-Dot, Ballistic Plex, and Deepwoods Plex. Regardless of the specifications, Pentax has something for everyone.

Lightseeker Series

Let's take a look at the Lightseeker Series. They are built around the concept that game doesn't usually show itself in the middle of the day because they're always on the move, so the time to find your target is early in the morning or at dusk. That means light is restricted and you have to seek out your game. Lightseeker 30 does just that with a 40 percent larger internal ocular lens supplying more light during low light times of day. The Lightseeker XL uses a larger erector lens than most conventional scopes so it supplies a much brighter image. Built with European styling, the scopes have quick-focus eyepieces to help ensure you don't miss that shot. Their tough, sturdy construction includes very thick tube walls made of high quality aircraft aluminum. The reticles are three times thicker than the industry standard so they stand up to heavy recoiling.

The Gameseeker Riflescope

The Gameseeker Riflescope is built to go anywhere, in any condition. These scopes are fully loaded with all the bells and whistles you'd expect on a much higher priced scope. Pentax's exclusive Precision Plex reticle which compensates for trajectory makes this model ideal for long-range shooting. It has a very pronounced click adjustment system with consistent and predictable windage and elevation adjustments as well. The Gameseeker will afford the hunter accurate and well placed shots for swift, clean hits on the target.

High Quality Optics

All of the Pentax lenses are high-density, high-quality glass which has been precision ground in order to produce the maximum light transmission. They deliver bright, high-contrast images as a result. Pentax, pioneers in multi-layered lens coatings, use this process to reduce glare and enhance image contrast. All of the scopes are filled with nitrogen gas and doubly sealed with "O" rings made of heavy-duty neoprene. This provides a leak proof, fog proof, lifetime seal - guaranteed, there will be no moisture penetration. No matter what the shooting need, Pentax has an optic to fill it.