Overview Of Night Vision Scopes

When you hear about night vision scopes, you probably picture James Bond struggling in the woods in search of the bad guy.  Today, night vision scopes aren't only used by actors, law enforcement personnel and the army; they offer a wide range of uses and opportunities for many activities.  There are many types of night vision scopes to learn about and to understand.

The Passive and Active Starlight Scopes

This is the simplest and least expensive type of night vision scope.  These scopes are best for their cost-effectiveness and for viewing wildlife at night.  They have a large objective lens and mostly use the light that is available from the stars or other sources.  They are not useful at all if there is no light available.  They are useful, however, if there is a small amount of light at dusk, at dawn, or in a slightly lit area.  They require no electronics at all to function and are silent when operating.  They are great for watching wild life in the early morning or for enjoying a moonlight stroll.  Active starlight scopes work on the same principles as the passive ones, but they need to be powered. This makes them impractical for use in nature, unless you have a battery powered version.

Active Infra Red Scopes

This extra feature creates a device that is able to "see" even if there is virtually no light available.  Night vision usually works by utilizing the available light in the surrounding area.  Infra red night vision devices pick up streams of infra red wavelength photons, instead of just using regular light.  They then convert this into an image, allowing the viewer to see even when there is no light source available.  This feature obviously makes scopes with infra red more expensive - but they are also able to be used in situations where a regular night vision scope would be useless.

Night Vision Rifle Scopes

For the hunter who wants to hunt at night, or the camper who wants to have more security, a night vision rifle scope is a great product.  This item is a monocular scope that attaches to your existing rifle and allows you to predict where the bullet will hit at night.  They use scope mounts made of either aluminum or steel to keep the night vision rifle scope in place on the gun.  There are certainly many varieties of night vision rifle scopes from which to choose, and they range in price a great deal.

Night Vision Spotting Scopes

Night vision spotting scopes are similar to binoculars, in that they bring objects that are far away into your clear view.  The difference is that they allow you to see these objects at night and they have a very far reaching magnification, similar to that of a telescope.  They are often used by nature lovers who want to view wildlife at night, by campers or boaters, or by people who want to add protection to their home.  

Night vision is an incredible technology that allows leisure time lovers to increase the hours when activity is possible. Learn more about night vision scopes and enjoy your time outdoors more!