Night Vision Rifle Scopes - The Basics

Night vision rifle scopes are very popular for hunters who want to continue to enjoy their sport at night.  These devices are designed to mount on the weapon and to allow the hunter, police officer, or military sniper to see his target even with virtually no light available.  These rifle scopes range a great deal in price and features, depending on the needs of the individual user.  Some of the choices include image intensifier tubes, mounting systems, elevation adjustments, and more.

How Can You Use Them With No Available Light?

The typical, lowest grade night vision rifle scope works by taking existing light and amplifying it.  What, however, do you do if you want to shoot in a place with virtually no available natural light?  For this purpose, many night vision rifle scopes have infra-red illuminators (IRI) on them.  This technology throws out a beam of infra-red light that is virtually invisible to the naked eye.  The night vision device, however, can see it.  This technology creates a way for you to see your target, even when there is no light out at all.  The IRI is similar to a flashlight and does not allow for an enormous range of vision.  

How Far Can You See?

There are a few variables that will influence how far and how accurately you can see with a night vision rifle scope.  The more natural light you have, including starlight, moonlight and infrared light, the more clearly and the further you'll be able to see.  Therefore, you can usually see an object clearly from 75 to 100 yards on a relatively clear night with some moon.  If, however, you are looking somewhere that has no obstructions and there is a full moon, you'll be able to see more.  It also depends on if the object you want to see.  If it is small or large is a factor, and if you are looking for details or just for an outline with determine how much you can see.

What Features Do You Want?

It's important to know that rifle scopes come in four main categories.  They have 1st generation, 2nd generation, 3rd generation and 4th generation scopes.  The 1st generation scopes are the most common for regular use.  They are the least expensive, while still offering a good night vision ability.  The 2nd to 4th generation scopes are usually used for professional use by police, military and other experts.  When looking for a scope, you should pay attention to its weight (you'll be wearing this), its recoil resistance, its mounting system, and its brightness options, among other features.  In addition, you need to know if it uses infra-red technology.

Other Interesting Features

Some of the better night vision rifle scopes are actually two scopes in one.  They provide the regular benefits of a rifle scope during the day, and can convert into a night vision scope in under one minute.  Many of these advertise that they can convert from day to night use without any tools and without changing the eye relief.  This is a fantastic feature for the hunter who wants to be able to purchase one scope to use either during the daylight hours or during the nighttime. 

Enjoy the quiet and serenity of nighttime hunting with the help of a night vision rifle scope.  These devices can transform your leisure time and allow great flexibility for hunting when you want to.