Gun Cleaning Tips

Certainly, if you own a gun, you need to know how best to take care of it. Learning care and maintenance tips could actually save your life - and it will certainly extend the life of the gun. Here are a number of important tips for gun and scope maintenance that should be taken to heart.

Work Areas

Make sure you have a good work surface to check and clean your gun. It needs to be well lit, level, and have room for all of your supplies. You'll need a work mat in your work area so that you don't stain a nice table or make a large mess. Make sure you've got a good cleaning kit. It should be one that is well stocked and has all of the useful items that you need. Kits from such reputable companies as Outers, Gunslick and Hoppes are always good selections. The kit needs to have everything that you need in it including powder solvent, gun oil a cleaning rod, bore brushes, slotted rod tip, cleaning patches and cleaning rags.

Unique Tools for Gun Cleaning

One unique tool or accessory that most people wouldn't think about is a toothbrush. A toothbrush is a vital tool for gun and scope cleaning. You can use a regular toothbrush, or you can purchase a dedicated "M-16 brushes" brush with large or small bristle ends. These will help you to get into hard-to-reach places. Q-tips are also a necessity in your work location. They clean the cylinder notches of a revolver, and all sorts of hidden areas. Make sure to have Ziploc bags around as well. You need an oily rag to wipe down your gun. If you spray a rag with oil, and then place it in a Ziploc, it will remain saturated just as you need it to be.

Cleaning When It's Hot

You should always remember to do a quick cleaning while you're still on the range or on the hunt. This doesn't include a detailed cleaning, but you should put a couple of solvent soaked patches down the boar. This helps to knock out the carbon and copper fouling and to give you a head start on the cleaning you'll do when you get home.

Old T-Shirts are Great

Don't throw out old t-shirts. They are fantastic for cleaning shooting irons. They can also be used for wiping the carbon from revolver cylinders and for other gun related tasks.

These are a few of the many hints and tips that will keep your gun looking its best and performing well. Make sure to take care of your equipment and to treat it right - and it will continue performing beautifully for you for years of use!