Bushnell's 2009 Additions

As we turn to the new year, it's always important to reflect on the success of any company for the past year. Bushnell is proud of its many accomplishments in 2009, and it has many success stories to share with its customers. With over two dozen press releases in 2009 to announce its many exciting expansions and changes, it's no wonder that Bushnell is proud of its accomplishments! They are continually working to create the finest, highest quality products on the market today for optical enthusiasts.

A Great Bushnell Success

One such success story is with its recent contract from the U.S. Government. During 2009, the U.S. Government awarded Bushnell Outdoor Products with a contract for a specific military version of their Elite 15-45x60mm spotting scopes. These scopes will be used for service personnel, not only in the United States, but with multi-national forces around the world. The shipments actually started in late 2008, and continued into and through 2009.

The Elite 15-45x60

What is so special about the Elite 15-45x60? This scope includes a compact design that is simple to carry and fast to set up. This certainly makes it a huge asset for military personnel who are always on the go - and need to be so quickly. In addition, Bushnell has made specific modifications to the spotting scopes so that they will have military specifications. Elite spotting scopes use the best materials available in the market today with their ED Prime Extra-Low Dispersion Fluorite glass and their premium PC-3 phase-corrected BaK-4 porro prisms. They offer exceptional color and great brightness while providing for premium color resolution and contrast.

Great Military Use

Certainly, as Rob Gates, the Bushnell Director of Sales for Military and Law Enforcement explains, the continued use of Bushnell for their military contracts clearly shows that the American military values Bushnell's work and their optical performance and standards. It also shows how well their equipment stands up to the difficult terrain and tactical needs in the field.

Bushnell continues to demonstrate its excellence through its government contracts, and through its many optical product offerings on the market today. They look to the future - in 2010 - with great anticipation and with the hope to continue achieving at the pace that they have in 2009.